Download the update of Stumble Guys Action Game – Multiplayer Royale! modded

Introducing Stumble Guys Android game 0.65.5

Stumble Guys is an action and fun Android game published by Kitka Games. In this game, you have to compete with 31 other players online and be the first to reach the finish line by crossing various obstacles.


The gameplay of Stumble Guys is very simple yet attractive. You have to control your character, cross various obstacles and try to avoid falling down. In each stage, a number of players are eliminated and finally, only one player is left who will win the game.


 Cartoon and happy graphics
 Simple and fun gameplay
 High variety of obstacles and stages
 Ability to play online with friends
 Ability to customize the character

positive points:

 The graphics of the game are very beautiful and cheerful.
 The gameplay is very simple and fun.
 The high variety of obstacles and stages makes the game not repetitive.
 The possibility of playing online with friends doubles the excitement of the game.
 The character customization feature allows you to make your character unique.


 The game can be a bit difficult in some stages.
 To progress in the game you need jams, which you can buy with real money.


Stumble Guys is an action and fun game that can entertain you for hours. If you are looking for a simple yet challenging game, Stumble Guys can be the right option for you.

download link:

Google Play Store:

Version: 0.65.5

Publication date: 2023-12-01

Size: 110 MB

Operating system: Android 4.4 and above

Age category: 3 years and above

Price: Free (with in-app payment)

Changes in version 0.65.5:

 Added new map "Snowy Scrap"
 Added new emoticons
 Fixed a number of problems and bugs in the game

We hope you enjoyed this introduction.

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