Download the modded “Zombie Virus” action game for Android

Introducing the Android game Zombie Virus: K-Zombie 1.1.7

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is an engaging and fun first-person action game published by Clegames Inc. for Android. In this game you have to survive in an apocalyptic world full of bloodthirsty zombies.


The gameplay of Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is very simple yet exciting. You have to destroy the zombies and defend yourself against them using a variety of weapons. The game has different stages in each of which you have to face new challenges.

Game features:

 Detailed 3D graphics
 Smooth and exciting gameplay
 High variety of weapons
 Ability to upgrade weapons
 Different and challenging stages
 Strong AI system for zombies
 Ability to play offline


 Zombie Virus: K-Zombie is released for free, but you can purchase various items with in-app payment.
 This game is suitable for people over 12 years old.

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