Download the modded “Bob the Thief” action game for Android

Introducing the Android game Robbery Bob 1.22.0

Robbery Bob is a popular stealth action game where you play as Bob, an agile and lovable thief, robbing houses, shops and other places.

Game Highlights:

 Fun and addictive gameplay: you have to sneak past obstacles, bypass guards and steal valuables with precision.
 Cartoon and attractive graphics: The visual design of the game is simple yet eye-catching.
 Multiple levels with different challenges: In each level, you will face new challenges that you have to overcome with your intelligence and skill.
 Simple and intuitive controls: The game controls are designed to be easy to learn and use.
 Different Game Modes: You can engage in heists in different game modes, such as story, challenge and timed.

More details:

 Story: Bob is a retired thief who returns to the world of theft due to the need for money. In the role of Bob, you have to help him steal from houses, shops and other places and escape from the police and guards.
 Levels: Robbery Bob game contains more than 100 different levels in each of which you have to find valuable objects and steal them without attracting attention.
 Characters: In addition to Bob, there are other characters in the game who help or hinder you in your theft.
 Items: You can use various items, such as keys, hammers and smoke bombs, to pass obstacles and steal objects.

How to get Robbery Bob 1.22.0:

 Google Play: Google Play URL
 Apple App Store: Apple App Store URL

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this game free?

Yes, Robbery Bob is free to play, but it also includes paid items.

  1. What age is this game suitable for?

This game is suitable for people over 3 years old.

  1. Does this game require an internet connection?

No, you can play Robbery Bob offline too.

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