Download the modded action game “Modern Warships” for Android

Introducing MODERN WARSHIPS 0.77.0 android game

MODERN WARSHIPS is an exciting and exciting online action game published by Cube Software Studio for Android. In this game, you have to destroy your enemies in epic sea battles using different warships and win the game.


The gameplay of MODERN WARSHIPS is very smooth and exciting. You have to participate in various sea battles using your warship and destroy your enemies using different weapons. The game has different warships from different countries of the world that you can choose and upgrade.

Game features:

 Detailed 3D graphics
 Smooth and exciting gameplay
 High variety of warships
 Ability to upgrade warships
 Different types of weapons
 Epic naval battles
 Ability to play online
 Various maps


 MODERN WARSHIPS is released for free, but you can purchase various items by in-app payment.
 This game is suitable for people over 12 years old.

If you are looking for an online action game with great graphics and gameplay, MODERN WARSHIPS can be the right choice for you.

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Changes in version 0.77.0:

 The addition of the new battleship "Akula"
 Added new map "Sea of Japan"
 Added new game mode "Team Deathmatch"
 Performance improvements and bug fixes

Tips for MODERN WARSHIPS game:

 Use the resources you earn in battles to upgrade your warships.
 Use the right battleship for your play style.
 Cooperate with your teammates in battles.
 Use the game map to your advantage.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction.

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