Download the action-shooter offline different archers modded Android game

Introducing the Android game Bowmasters 5.5.16

Bowmasters is a fun and casual shooting game for Android published by Miniclip. In this game, you have to use a bow and arrow to shoot different characters and destroy them.


The gameplay of Bowmasters is very simple yet attractive. You have to bend the bow by dragging your finger on the screen and then release the finger to shoot the arrow at the target. Your goal in each stage is to destroy all the characters on the screen.


 Cartoon and attractive graphics
 Simple and fun gameplay
 High variety of characters and stages
 Ability to upgrade the bow and arrow
 Ability to play online and offline

positive points:

 The graphics of the game are very beautiful and attractive.
 The gameplay is very simple and fun.
 The high variety of characters and stages makes the game not repetitive.
 The ability to upgrade the bow and arrow makes the game more challenging.


 The game can be a bit difficult in some stages.
 To progress in the game you need jams, which you can buy with real money.


Bowmasters is a casual and fun shooting game that can entertain you for hours. If you are looking for a simple yet challenging game, Bowmasters can be the right choice for you.

download link:

Google Play Store: [Invalid URL removed]

Version: 5.5.16

Publication date: 2023-11-14

Size: 104 MB

Operating system: Android 4.4 and above

Age category: 3 years and above

Price: Free (with in-app payment)


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