Download the action game “Bloody Bastards” Android mod

Introduction of Android game Bloody Bastards 4.0.9

Bloody Bastards is the name of a low-volume action and fun game for Android, designed and published by Tibith Studio. This game with simple graphics and attractive gameplay offers you an exciting experience of hand-to-hand combat in the Middle Ages.

Bloody Bastards game features:

 Small Size: Unbelievably, this game is only about 8 MB in size with all the fun content it has to offer!
 Attractive gameplay: in this game you travel to the medieval world and participate in hand-to-hand combat with street fighters.
 Progress in the game: By winning battles and gaining rank, you can upgrade your character and use better weapons and armor.
 Variety of weapons: There are a wide range of weapons such as swords, knives, daggers, axes, maces, hammers, whips, etc. in the game that you can use.
 Challenging Fights: As you progress through the game, your opponents become stronger and more challenging.
 Simple graphics: The graphics of Bloody Bastards are simple and minimalist, but they evoke the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
 Attractive soundtrack: The soundtrack of the game is exciting and suitable for the atmosphere of the game.

Tips for playing Bloody Bastards:

 This game can be played offline.
 Bloody Bastards is suitable for people over 13 years old.
 For a better gaming experience, you can use a phone or tablet with a powerful processor.

If you are looking for an action and fun game with a small volume, Bloody Bastards can be a good option for you.

To download the Bloody Bastards game, you can visit the following websites:

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We hope you enjoyed this introduction.

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