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Introduction of Android game Crossy Road 6.2.0

Crossy Road is a fun arcade game with pixel graphics and simple but addictive gameplay published by Yodo1 Games studio for Android. In this game, you have to help different characters to cross busy roads, train tracks, and rivers and reach their destination safely.

Story of the game:

Crossy Road does not have a linear story and focuses more on gameplay and overcoming obstacles. You play as different characters like chicken, frog, and fox, in different environments like city, forest, and beach and you have to face different challenges.

Key features of the game:

 Attractive pixel graphics: Crossy Road uses simple but lovely pixel graphics that add to the appeal of the game.
 Simple and addictive gameplay: The gameplay is very simple and you only need to touch the screen to direct your character to the left, right, up and down. But crossing obstacles and reaching high records requires high precision and concentration.
 High variety of characters: Crossy Road includes a wide variety of different characters with unique looks and animations that you can unleash and play with.
 Various Game Modes: Crossy Road includes various modes such as "Classic Mode", "Daily Challenge Mode", and "Online Mode" where you can put your skills to the test.
 Ability to upgrade characters: You can upgrade your characters and increase their power by earning points and coins in the game.
 Musa happy and fun soundtrack: The soundtrack of the game is happy and energetic and adds to the fun atmosphere of the game.

Tips about the game:

 Crossy Road is released for free, but includes in-app payments.
 This game requires Android 4.1 and above to run.
 The size of the game is about 50 MB.


Crossy Road is a fun arcade game that will give you a unique experience of crossing obstacles with attractive pixel graphics, simple and addictive gameplay, and a high variety of characters. If you are looking for a simple yet challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours, we recommend Crossy Road.

To download the game, you can visit Google Play: [invalid URL removed].

Tips to improve the game experience:

 Use headphones to enjoy the cheerful and fun soundtrack of the game more.
 For better control of the game, use a phone or tablet with a large screen.
 Participate in daily and weekly missions to level up characters faster.
 Use rewards and free game items.
 to YouTube channels and pages

We hope you enjoy playing Crossy Road 6.2.0!


 This game does not contain violent content and is suitable for people of all ages.
 In-game payments can cost

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