Download Minecraft for Android – install the new modded game update

Introduction of Minecraft Android game

Minecraft Android version is a new beta/preview update that brings many changes and improvements.

Highlights of this release:

 New UI for Servers: This new UI makes it easier to find and join your favorite servers.
 Technical improvements: This version includes a number of technical improvements to improve the performance and stability of the game.
 Bug Fixes: Several problems have been fixed in this version.

More details:

 New user interface for servers:
     New and modern visual design
     Categorize servers by genre and topic
     View more information about each server, such as the number of players, rules, etc
     Add servers to favorites for easy access
 Technical advances:
     Improved performance on different devices
     Reduce memory consumption
     Improved game stability
     Fixed the problems that caused the game to crash
     Fixed problems that caused objects to disappear
     Fixing the problems that existed in connecting to the servers

How to get version

 Beta version:
     Google Play: Go to the Google Play Store: Google Play URL and sign up for the Minecraft app.
     Xbox: Go to the Xbox Insider app on your Xbox console and select Minecraft.
     Windows 10/11: Go to the Microsoft Store app and sign up for the Minecraft app.
 Preview version:
     iOS: Go to TestFlight: TestFlight URL and get the invite code from Mojang.
     PlayStation 4: Go to PlayStation Store and download Minecraft Preview.


 Beta and preview versions may be unstable and contain bugs.
 To go back to the stable version of the game, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Minecraft app.


 Minecraft Beta & Preview: Minecraft Beta & Preview URL
 How to download Minecraft Bedrock beta & preview: URL How to download Minecraft Bedrock beta & preview

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this version free?

The beta/preview version is free, but you need the full version of Minecraft to play.

  1. Does this version include all the features of version 1.20?

No, this version only includes some of the features of version 1.20.

  1. How can I report problems with this release?

You can report problems on the Minecraft Forum: URL Minecraft Forum.


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