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Introducing the Android game Critical Ops 1.44.0.f2529

Critical Ops is an exciting and exciting first-person action game published by Critical Force Ltd for Android. In this game you have to compete as an anti-terrorist or terrorist force in online battles with other players from all over the world and win the battle.


The gameplay of Critical Ops is very fast and exciting. You have to fight and destroy other players in different game maps using different weapons. The game has a wide variety of weapons and equipment that you can choose and upgrade.

Game features:

 Detailed 3D graphics
 Fast and exciting gameplay
 High variety of weapons and equipment
 Ability to upgrade weapons and equipment
 Online battles with other players
 Various maps
 Different game modes
 Rating system
 Ability to play in groups


 Critical Ops is released for free, but you can purchase various items through in-app payment.
 This game is suitable for people over 16 years old.

If you are looking for a competitive online first-person shooter action game, Critical Ops could be the right choice for you.

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Tips for playing Critical Ops:

 Use the resources you earn in battles to upgrade your weapons and equipment.
 Use weapons and equipment suitable for your play style.
 Cooperate with your teammates in battles.
 Use the game map to your advantage.
 Use your skills at the right time.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction.

Changes in version 1.44.0.f2529:

 Performance improvements and bug fixes
 Added new weapon "M4A1-S"
 Added new map "Dust 2"
 Added new game mode "Search and Destroy"

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